Monday, April 20, 2015

This is the email to be sent to students once they have had their 3rd absence in a class.

Dear student,

You are receiving this email because you have missed three class sessions in this course and, as a result, have been withdrawn from the course. If you wish to appeal this status, you must complete an Attendance Appeal Request form, which is attached to this e-mail. The appeal must be for acceptable mitigating circumstances and must be returned to me before the next scheduled class session. If you wish to attend the next class session, you may do so; but you will be marked absent pending the results of your appeal. If I do not receive your appeal and documentation by the end of the next class session, your appeal will not be accepted and the withdrawal from class will remain in effect. If you miss a fourth class session, you will not be allowed to appeal. The best way to get your appeal and documentation to me is through email. Please scan or photograph any relevant documents and attach to your appeal in an email to me. You will receive the results of your appeal from the Dean. If you have any questions about this process, please see your Academic Director or Program Coordinator.

Please see the list below for acceptable mitigating circumstances for your appeal:

Mitigating circumstances may include one of the following reasons on the day of the recorded absence. EADs (EAD is Examples of Acceptable Documentation) are not limited to what is listed:

1.       Death of an immediate family member
a.       EAD :  Newspaper obituary, funeral card.

2.       Student illness requiring hospitalization (this includes mental health issues)
a.       EAD:  Documentation from hospital, attending physician or psychologist showing dates of stay.

3.       Severe illness of an immediate family member where the student is a primary caretaker
a.       EAD: Documentation from physician regarding ill relative’s situation.

4.       Illness of an immediate family member where that family member is the primary financial support
a.       EAD: Documentation from physical regarding ill relative’s situation.

5.       Abusive relationships
a.       EAD: Documentation from mental health professional or law enforcement agency.
6.       Divorce proceedings
a.       EAD: Legal documentation regarding proceedings.

7.       Change in work schedule prior to the evaluation point
a.       EAD: Documentation from employer regarding change in schedule.

8.       Natural disaster
a.       EAD: Proof of residence in affected area and proof of disaster.

9.       Family emergency
a.       EAD: Documentation of specific incident.

10.   Loss of transportation where there are no alternative means of transportation
a.       EAD: Artifacts that document how transportation was lost and why other transportation was not available.

11.   A doctor documented illness of the student for a significant period of time.
a.       EAD: Letter from doctor on doctor’s letterhead or prescription pad indicating commencement of illness and release date.

12.   Military deployment.
a.       EAD: Deployment orders.

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