Thursday, October 29, 2009

AILV Grad Gets some serious fun as work.

Someone believes in marketing and database development. Click here to go to the link for more information on this graduate that is building a filmmaking career.

The latest works by Dean Pizzo. To view art in full resolution, just click here!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A movie built for the new media

Shot for a reported $15,000, "Paranormal Activity" came in at No. 5 with $7.1 million as distributor Paramount expanded it into daylong release after two weeks of midnight-only screenings.

Fans talked it up on Twitter and Facebook, while the movie expanded to more cities based on which markets received the most requests to see it on a Web site Paramount set up… "We all spend a lot of time talking about Facebook and Twitter and our ability to communicate. Here's a case where it allows people to rally around a movie they care about and for them to have a sense of participation, then tell other people, "Hey, this is something you should see, too,'" said Rob Moore, Paramount vice chairman.

Extra Small NY Apartment - about 600 sq ft

The owners wanted to be closer to the Airport. They needed a doorman to take deliveries, and they wanted to be closer to their office. They wanted to have a glass box up in the sky, something very manageable and easy, like a glorified hotel room. The result doesn't feel cluttered. Furniture had to be precisely measured. The miniature side-tables were custom ordered to fit in the crevices on either side of the bed. They also purposefully chose some oversized pieces—the armoire, the horse sculpture and a large floor lamp—to add drama to the space. When you have all small-scale furniture, it starts to look like a dorm room, said the owner.

"I was surprised how small it was," says furniture designer Marsia Holzer, whom the owners tapped to custom-make lighting and other pieces, including the horse sculpture and side-tables. "I think it's interesting that they didn't have to get an enormous place to show how great they are."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A sign from God… the first day of Fall 09 Career Development class is the Last Day for Free CES Registration!

A sign from God… the first day of Fall 09 Career Development class is the Last Day for

Free CES Registration! Someone is watching out for you…..

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