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BUS125 Fundamentals of Advertising Fall 2012

Calimbahin, Kriscia Angela  http://kriticallythinking.blogspot.com/
Daniels, Walter Monroe  http://grumpy1550.blogspot.com/
Fane, Chelsee  http://vintageloveclothing.blogspot.com/
Kranz, Shelb  http://kranz94.blogspot.com/
Myers, Autumn Mae  http://damselindistressboutique.blogspot.com/
Revis, Alexis  http://lavishhighlife.blogspot.com/
Trueba, Alina Poulette  http://fashionstylistclothing.blogspot.com/
Norris, Brittany http://b-rit09.blogspot.com/

BUS121 Fundamentals of Marketing Fall 2012

Abbott, Joaquim http://jquik.blogspot.com/
Amirhosseini, Aryan  http://booboolie.blogspot.com/
Bilog, Ediben  http://upperechelonhomme.blogspot.com/
Bombard, Jessica  http://marketingjess.blogspot.com/
Brown, Michael Lorenzo  http://audiovice.blogspot.com/
Camarillo, Victor  http://vegasvicphoto.blogspot.com/
Corcoran, Sean  http://seansshowings.blogspot.com/
Donald, Tony   http://tonyromestproductions.blogspot.com/
Douglas, David http://aristocratphoto.blogspot.com/
Espinoza, Alexandria  http://xandriamariefashion.blogspot.com/
Fite, Kyle  http://kylefite.blogspot.com/
Gao, Shang   http://illestmarketingblog.blogspot.com/
Garcia, Bryant  http://bryantgarciadirector.blogspot.com/
Garcia, Les Paul  http://fourfifteenrecordings.blogspot.com/
Hammering, Svend  http://svendjrphotography.blogspot.com/
Khamvongsa, Allofs  http://phoandladna.blogspot.com/
Khwaja, Amer  http://photosbyamer.blogspot.com/
Kranz, Shelby Lyn  http://riotforgood.blogspot.com/
Lohnes, Schae  http://salohnesphoto.blogspot.com/
Martinez, Jasmine  http://jazzmart.blogspot.com/
Molden, Andre Patrick 
Moss, Alex  http://mossartmusicmedia.blogspot.com/
Ojeda, Gerardo  http://khaosd.blogspot.com/
Orta, Marty  http://martyortaphotography.blogspot.com/
Perdomo, Christian  http://chrisperdomo.blogspot.com/
Perez, Marisol  http://marisolperezmarketing.blogspot.com/
Sollecchio, Regina  http://reginasollecchio.blogspot.com/
St. Laurent, Sharon  http://sewb4us.blogspot.com/
Tiggart, Antoine  http://redsevensunn.blogspot.com/
Villeda, Stephanie  http://banpaiaphoto.blogspot.com/
Wall, Christopher  http://finder110.blogspot.com/
Michael Wehrly, Jesse James  http://midnightsunshinefilms.blogspot.com/

Some Terrific Student Voices

Any student who does a blog for my class must follow exact instructions on preparing the blog for class. Among a key requirement is to "see yourself as a professional". This is accomplished by keeping an active daily twitter account that is filled with professional, career centered 140 character tweets. These are not Facebook updates. Instead of answering the question, “What are you doing?”, answer the question, “What has your attention?”

Everyone also must have a "Voice". This is presenting you as a professional in the field. This is not made up or faked. It is real. You as an industry professional blogging and tweeting about the industry. 

Here are some really good ones from actual students (with very minimal editing). They are very person and very specific.

I am a photographer, plain and simple. What I do is create beautiful photos by arranging what I see in my viewfinder to make the most appealing pictures as possible. I am a professional as well. What that means is I know what to do, how to do it. I take great pride in my work and I am proud of what I produce. Since taking photography up years ago I have grown as a person and of course as a photographer. What I hope to achieve is to get myself known in this field by working my way up. Of course that means starting at the bottom and working my way up. Starting by working with another company and learning the ropes through them until you’re are able to step out of the area and work for yourself.  As I climb up the figurative ladder, I develop more and more. I notice my photos becoming of a professional standard. That gives me the inspiration to continue and improve even more. One is never done improving themselves or their work. We can always strive for more, to become the best we can be. I am a professional, a professional photographer.

I don’t feel I’m a filmmaker; I feel I’m an artist making films. Through my years I’ve always wanted to entertain people. Whether it’s music or television I have always enjoyed putting a smile on someone’s face or making his or her jaws drop. I know I will be successful as long as I stay focused and put my priorities first. Working out in the field in this business is highly competitive, and finishing second place doesn’t work for me. When critical moments come along critical thinking comes with it: I have to be ready, and I have to think quickly. I also understand I have to watch what I do, watch what I say, and how I say it.  The basic principle behind that is to know what to say and what to do. There’s a need for me to know what I’ve learned and apply it to what I’m learning now. I struggle and it makes me a better man, although I fall of sometimes, but I always get back up and understand what I did and why I did it. A dream is only a dream if the only thing you do is dream about it.

Graphic design is my number one passion: I wake up in the morning thinking about typography.  I go throughout the entire day with design on my mind.  I go to sleep excited about what I am going to do next and sometimes even dream about my profession.  Sounds pretty crazy right, you could say I have a one track mind. But I know it’s on the right track! What I bring to the table is a keen eye for typography, a knack for color schemes, a high capacity for branding, and a never-ending love for creating logos.  One of my favorite things about my career is that I create things for people that weren’t existent before.  I contribute something to the universe, sending out good designs to represent a company or individual.  I am such a lucky and grateful person who has found their niche in life.  In a perfect world, I’d be an art director at an agency working alongside creative people.  I’d be challenged to solve problems in an unconventional way and make the audience think. My future feels like a roller coaster; some parts scare the crap out of me while others keep me smiling for days on end.

Game design is one of the most interesting subjects I’ve ever been involved with.  In this constantly evolving industry, it’s important to keep up and understand current game design philosophies.  Games are capable of conveying emotions and experiences you can’t get anywhere else; the thought of me creating them fuels my passion.  As someone who personally feels that storytelling is an intrinsic part of human nature, I take the opportunity to tell my own stories in such an interactive way very seriously.  This is what motivates me to pursue a career in which I can take charge of the visual art style and develop the stories for my own projects that fit my vision.  I take pride in my profession and hope that I can express myself artistically via this amazing medium.  Ultimately, I pursue creative freedom.  While admittedly ambitious, I honestly feel that my work ethic and skill range will allow me to achieve this goal.  I hope for the day I can lead a team and work create a unique game play experience and tell a story that people will love.  For me it isn’t about the money; but the chance to allow people to interact with my art.

What I bring to the film world is originality and a creative eye to each of my film pieces. Growing up I always found myself with a video or photography camera in my hands. I love to shoot my surroundings. I often thought to myself that I would love to be apart of the film making process. I'm most interested in shooting video and editing video, one day I hope to become a great Cinematographer.  I want to make films that make people open up their minds and think. We all got our movies that we watch for pure entertainment, but I also like films based on facts and true events. If you see a film that the characters have something in common with each individual audience member then maybe the film can help you realize things in your own life that you could make better for yourself. I don't want my films to make my audience learning lever go down to the 8th grade when they sit in a movie theater. I want my audience to leave feeling like they have been enlightened or learned something that they did not know before. I'm passionate about what I do.

Drawing has always been my passion. With animation I am able to work with an even more beautiful kind of art, motion. When I draw figures in motion, following the sound, I believe I’m making true art. I love movies, and I watch of what’s best out there, constantly. I like to watch movies that show true human emotions, so this way I can pass it to my action in drawing. I draw every day, I also practice painting at least twice a week, and this way I train my eyes to recognize good color schemes. I’m very flexible with styles, I find it easy to follow different styles, and I always try my best to push myself to do it. Like my other kinds of art, I spend many hours a day practicing and drawing different things. As an artist I need to be able to draw a large variety of things and themes. I enjoy drawing different things, instead of being stuck doing only with what I feel comfortable. As a professional I’m always searching for excellence in my work and I’m always trying to learn more. I hope I never stop learning.

I am a Graphic Designer. Ever since I was little girl growing up I’ve always loved designing. My goal is to designing logos and ads for all different kinds companies and businesses: whether freelance, agency or even corporate. Art is a very unique talent that very few have, but each individual who have this talent shows their creative ability in many different ways. I got a wonderful start at The Art Institute of Las Vegas, met talented people and got to work with many different freelance projects. I love freelancing because it allows me to work one on one with my clients to achieve amazing results. I enjoy working one on one with clients to give them the opportunity to speak with me as often as they like, to answer questions, discuss ideas, and ensure that they receive exactly what they want. I put my best effort into all I do, making clients happy as well as making myself happy. Making my client happy is the most important thing to achieve. There's a quote that inspired me and helps me move forward day by day. Here it is, "LIVE BIG! Set a goal so high that when you achieved it, it'll blow your mind" -unknown, I have yet to achieve mine but I'm getting there slowly.

As a fashion business professional, I can honestly say that fashion has multiple major factors that you have to be able to understand and relate to in order to succeed in this industry. These factors consist of the many fashion shows, the production of a new collection, the purchasing for a new season, and even the reactions of the consumer. I believe fashion has a way of capturing everyone’s attention, no matter who you are and what your sense of style may be. Fashion is something that I have always had a sincere passion for, however in my heart my true love is for the business side of it all. Evaluating consumer buying habits first hand has been quite an experience for me and from my experience in the fashion industry thus far I know becoming a buyer is something that will be a perfect fit. Researching designers and knowing what’s current in the business and marketing industry is what sets me apart from my peers. I am preparing to study in Italy after graduation, I believe to really understand a country’s sense of fashion you must understand their culture. Fashion is an industry that constantly changes and transforms, I’m the individual that knows how to keep up.

I have always been intrigued by visual communications. The art of expressing information is not in a specific language, yet clearly it is communicating a message. The wide diverse styles of design and the fact that design is everywhere are absolutely alluring. Making collages and gathering images of my personal inspirations, as a hobby, was the start of my interest with design. I’ve admired design for as long as I can remember, without even realizing it was something I could do professionally. After having almost considered going into film, then realizing I had always truly loved Design, I have absolutely no regrets. I have continued to love what I’ve been doing and continue to have a yearning to learn more about my major. Over the years, I have developed an even greater interest in 3D design, Package Design, as well as Apparel Design. I have made many design goals, for myself I hope to accomplish, As well as a personal goal: I want to inspire others with my projects and creations, like I am inspired with those that catch my eye.

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BUS121 Fundamentals of Marketing Summer 2012

Avila, Arnold http://arnoldavila.blogspot.com/
Binamira, Vince   http://aspiringmusicianandnerd.blogspot.com/
Colquitt, Ryne   http://independentlivin.blogspot.com/
Delosmonteros, Andre  http://drecomedia.blogspot.com/
 Donohew, Angel   http://cascadaphotography14.blogspot.com/
Flores, Agustin   http://bewickedphotography.blogspot.com/
Herdman, Haley   http://byhaleyblaine.blogspot.com/
Hernandez, Norma   http://lacalacastudios.blogspot.com/
Hill, Robert  http://hillbrothers.blogspot.com/
Lynch, Kathryn http://f35studio.blogspot.com/
Magee, Petrina  http://pilar-duray48219.blogspot.com/
Martinez, Abel  http://aaaudioengine360.blogspot.com/
Mize, Timothy   http://mixrecords16.blogspot.com/
Poblete, Nico   http://ngpstudio.blogspot.com/
Rangel-Bolivar, Andres   http://bigboidreproductions.blogspot.com/
Sorto, Geovanny   http://geophotolv.blogspot.com/
Stephenson, Nicole   http://marketing101bynicole.blogspot.com/
Strauss, Mary   http://maryaliciaphotography.blogspot.com/
Torrisi, Ryan  http://marketingryan.blogspot.com/

BUS125 Fundamentals of Advertising Summer 2012

Abdulrahim, Habebah-T M.  http://afashionstar.blogspot.com/
Alon, Rom   http://roamalone2.blogspot.com/
Amirhosseini, Aryan http://aryanadverstising.blogspot.com/
Gao, Shang  http://seanighatearitup.blogspot.com/
Gonzalez, Maria Noemy  http://clothesdancepink.blogspot.com/
Olano, Arvin Jan  http://thefashionmonsterads.blogspot.com/
Stephens, Briana Lynne  http://fashionistaadvertisting.blogspot.com/
Toral, Jose   http://adcreativeminds.blogspot.com/

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You got to have a Dream - anyone can start a business.

Described by Adweek as “exceptional,” the "Susie Lemonade" commercial (blogged previously) featured a little girl running her own lemonade stand; the entrepreneurial Susie successfully develops her sidewalk stand into a full-blown business with the help of her father’s Verizon smartphone.

As if Susie’s character wasn’t endearing enough already… Adweek previously praised the spot for its excellent presentation of a positive female role model and “perfectly” delivered performances.

What started out as simply a fun and noteworthy advertisement now has the potential to develop into a long-running, memorable, and engaging campaign. Affiliations with charities are nothing new for branding, but in this case, the correlation between Susie’s Lemonade and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is so beautifully appropriate — both young, ambitious girls starting lemonade stands.

Now, the agency and client have added a fun little charity element to it. According to McCann, the only known bottle of Susie's Lemonade was put up for auction on eBay to benefit a charity called Alex's Lemonade — an organization dedicated to fighting childhood cancer. In the eBay listing, Susie explains: "The best part about building your own lemonade business isn't having a giant trampoline in the conference room, or jellybeans in all the water coolers, or even water balloon Wednesdays. It's having the opportunity to give back. So I'm auctioning off the very first bottle of Susie's Lemonade to come off the production line to raise money for a great charity started by a very brave little girl and her own lemonade stand."

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But you don't have to be an animated character to dream....

In the animated Disney film, Tangled, the pub thugs sing:

Though my face leaves people screaming

There's a child behind it, dreaming Like everybody else,I've got a dream

Tor would like to quit and be a florist Gunther does interior design Ulf is into mime,Attila's cupcakes are sublime Bruiser knits,Killer sews,Fang does little puppet shows And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns

Flynn: I have dreams like you,no really Just much less touchy feely They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny On an island that I own Tanned and rested and alone Surrounded by enormous piles of money

But you don't have to be an animated character to dream....

The Dollar Shave Club... has men in a lather.

The e-commerce start-up opened its doors just a few weeks ago, and has already developed a following for its quirky approach to hawking razors and blades for a $3 to $9 monthly fee.It began with a YouTube video, in which founder and Chief Executive Michael Dubin variously rides on a forklift, plays tennis, and dances with a fuzzy bear. It's already received some four million views.

Dollar Shave's motto? "Our blades are f— great."The Santa Monica, Calif., company won't disclose its number of customers, only noting that 12,000 people signed up in the first 48 hours.

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Professional Practice

Braxton Jr., Grover http://onyourupnup.blogspot.com/
Caballero, Jennifer http://famousairproductions.blogspot.com/
Garcia, Norell http://nrgproductions.blogspot.com/
Kercher, Ryan http://skullinjuryproductions.blogspot.com/
Petersen, Natalaiya http://natalaiyapetersen.blogspot.com/
Ruggiero, Jonathan http://jrrproduction.blogspot.com/
Salmon, Timothy http://royalbearmedia.blogspot.com/
Trask, Kevin  http://ktrasksound.blogspot.com/

Principles of Marketing Research Spring 2012

Baker, Nina
Moore, Kassadie http://kassadiej.blogspot.com/
Oberle, Leah http://fashionfork2.blogspot.com/
Reaze, Shantay http://fashionmarketresearch.blogspot.com/
Tran, Vuong http://bludesigns91.blogspot.com/

Spring 2012 IMD101 Intro to the World Wide Web

Brundage, Derek http://intricatepixel.blogspot.com/
Chang, Jason http://primordialone.blogspot.com/  
Corral Jr., Michael http://corralproductions.blogspot.com/
Isaacson, Richard http://richard-isaacson.blogspot.com/
Kissell, Michael http://michaelangelokissell.blogspot.com/
Kozanecke, Matt  http://eckedesigns.blogspot.com/
Nguyen, Braden http://bluedesertmedia.blogspot.com/ 
Pacelli, Angela http://digitalidentitycreations.blogspot.com/
Perez, Adriana Alexis http://prettyinpinkstudios.blogspot.com/
Roybal, Brian http://brianxroybal.blogspot.com/
Simpson, Gregory http://ratchettandclankkproductions.blogspot.com/
St. Martin, John
Vernon, Melvin http://stayvern.blogspot.com/

Building a Small Business

Verizon Ad

Student Photogaraphs

Examples of Student Work

Chocolate Dreams

Selling Chocolate

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BUS321 Principles of Marketing Research Winter 2012

Costa, Gabriella http://ailvfortunato.blogspot.com/

BUS121 Fundamentals of Marketing Winter 2012

Alon, Rom http://roamalonecaa.blogspot.com/
Brooks, Jessica Elizabeth http://sinfuljess.blogspot.com/
Cecil, Todd W. http://fatstandingstudios.blogspot.com/
Clay, Larry Jeff http://clayljco.blogspot.com/
Corral, Oscar Jose http://awsumaudio.blogspot.com/
Dorsey, Christian Cameron http://freshflyandfitted.blogspot.com/
Fernandez-Maldonado, Jose F. http://audiofrancisco.blogspot.com/
Fite, Kyle Matthew http://threestoogesdesigns.blogspot.com/
Garcia, Javier http://coolimoy.blogspot.com/
Grable, Jordan C. http://jkdstudio.blogspot.com/
Hill, Andrew Russell http://hilltopproduction.blogspot.com/
Huynh, Chi Hai http://chibus121h.blogspot.com/
James, Ralph Dewey http://pinupbridestudio.blogspot.com/
Johnson, Latoya http://fashionlife2013.blogspot.com/
King, Ashley Lynn http://theadvertisingactivist.blogspot.com/
Lares, Joaquin Frank http://j-lares-photography.blogspot.com/
Lawrence, Christopher Deshawn http://checkmydesigns.blogspot.com/
McBee-Marquez, Erika Alexandra http://erikaalexandra92.blogspot.com/
McGarvey, Coral Anne-Marie http://coralsadvertising.blogspot.com/
Reininger, Zachary Adam http://zachadamphotography.blogspot.com/
Rowley, William Roy http://ninjafacekickstudios.blogspot.com/
Summers, Carlos D. http://losmusic-los.blogspot.com/
Trueba, Fernando Gabriel http://truebaaudioengineering.blogspot.com/
Tsosie, Shiree Lyn http://moshimoshispot.blogspot.com/

PHG360 Marketing and Promotions Winter 2012

Casey, Daniella Erin http://caseyphoto.blogspot.com/
Heminger, Ashley Marie http://ashleyhemingerphotography.blogspot.com/
Ibarra, Gustavo Alonso,, Jr. http://legionsphotography-gustavoibarra15.blogspot.com/
Lapadu, Michaell Edward http://elite-photography.blogspot.com/
Limon, Allyson M. http://limonphotos.blogspot.com/
McLaughlin, Chris http://photodevelopment.blogspot.com/
Neal, Keri L. http://excusemybrain.blogspot.com/
Smith, Rachel http://caparrosophotography.blogspot.com/

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Winter 2012 DFVP420A Professional Practice

Braxton, Grover C.,, Jr. http://grovercaudio.blogspot.com/
Caballero, Jennifer M http://famousairproductions.blogspot.com/
Haney, Robert Jackson,, III http://rhaneyeoc.blogspot.com/
Knight, Bryan J. http://bknightproductions.blogspot.com/
Ranier, Anthony J. http://goodnightproduction.blogspot.com/
Rybus, Colton Michael http://coltonrybus.blogspot.com/
Self, Joshua S http://selfimageproduction1.blogspot.com/
Trask, Kevin http://ktrasksound.blogspot.com/

One of my Tech Wishes for 2012 was no more 3-D

Nobody listens to me!

Consumers frequently report "lack of content" as an obstacle to widespread 3D adoption, but most industry conferences focus on technical aspects or integration of 3D into consumer electronics devices. Leaders from the content side to told of their plans for the future of 3D content to the home. I think this is wrong. The real problem with 3D is it is not a viable home product. I just don't think people want to watch re-runs of "Two and a Half Men" in 3D?

People seemed mesmerized, but it did not hold their interest long. They lined up and then disappeared. Sony introduced "glasses Free" 3D. Kevin Sintumuang of the Wall Street Journal said in a tweet, "A few glasses-free 3-D prototypes this year. If you want to know what they look like, cross your eyes, spin around and take a shot of vodka."

I agree!. Just a few minuted of the demo and I was on my way. I was not alone. I did notice that no one hung around or made a fuss over the display. It was just there.

Sessions focus on 3D, over-the-top services (delivery of content directly to CE devices) and trends in mobile entertainment. Panelists are top executives from manufacturers and Hollywood studios, including Disney, Dreamworks, EA, ESPN and Warner Bros. They tried to build excitement... I did not see it in the crowd.

The picture was taken at the Samsung booth. The display is really impressive, but I love my picture. It reminds me of the famous Apple commercial for 1984, don't you think?

Live From Vegas, It's Geekfest 2012