Tuesday, August 25, 2015

PowerCord Jam in the Park(ing lot)

On Thursday, September 10, The Art Institute of Las Vegas, held PowerCord Jam in the campus parking lot. The event was designed to give students in the Bachelor of Science in Audio Production the opportunity to gain some real-world experience and hone their skills. Students set up, presented, recorded, and sound mixed and mastered a live concert, featuring talent from the campus. The result was a two hour concert that featured a jazz band, vocalists, a rock band, a rapper and a comedian. The audio students gained invaluable experience not only in running the entire production, but also in troubleshooting and thinking on their feet. 


Join us in a career advancing opportunity for those that love Independent Music. The focus is not on the audience or the actual concert talent, but in the production of a live concert.

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It's open to the public so you can invite your friends and family.

PowerCord Jam in the Park(ing lot) is a student concert with the focus on presenting the concern and learning those skills - not actually creating something for the audience. Student volunteers will set up, present, record and clean up a professionally managed opportunity that could eventually be used on resume and job interview opportunities.

Also note that this is a AILV school event with all the usual rules and regulations.