Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Film-a-palooza at NAB

This happening in Vegas and is only $25 to get full access. All digital content providers - animators and filmmakers should plan on attending. You need an NAB pass, though. You might use my code to get free access. NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)Register with code AM02 in the spirit of giving, the deadline is extended to Dec. 31. Be there!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Excellent website - Fall Web Marketing

I think Keily did quite a terrific job on this site.

The challenge was to apply marketing theories and strategies to the World Wide Web, recognize the requirements for an effective Web site design, create content for a Web page, apply financial management concepts and theories and summarize the major components of marketing using push technologies.I think he did just that! Check it out and see what you think. You can access all other class projects through his site. His MySpace is pretty terrific, too. Find the link here or on the far left side.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PJ Perez @ the Vegas Valley Book Festival

Pj Perez is a writer, editor and musician, best known for his reports and commentary on Las Vegas culture in such publications as Rolling Stone, 944 and ART + Living. Perez was the founding managing editor of Vegas-based Racket magazine and is currently Las Vegas Fine Arts Examiner for He also plays drums in alt-rock band As Yet Unbroken and is the creator of the weekly webcomic, The Utopian.

We met at the Vegas Valley Book Festival. We have been in touch:

Follow-up from LV Valley Comic Book Fest
On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Pinto, Frank A. wrote:
My project management students are doing a project I'd love for you to get involved with: they are developing a comic book project. May I share your contact info with them?

Pj Perez []
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 11:16 AM
To: Pinto, Frank A.
Sure thing. Preferably this e-mail and not my phone. Not that I would answer it anyway. :)

Check out his webpages:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

VELOUR Vodka is an ordinal innovative product - and a marketing project!

Crafted in Las Vegas and inspired by the fruits of France and the timeless taste of The Great Russian Vodkas. Offers a unique carbonation and blend of extracts of straberry’s, peaches, and lemons that delivers an original, drinkable, glamorous Vodka.

Lucky Bug Productions by Jessi Corsa

"From a young age I was taught I could be anything I wanted to be. This belief has stayed with me through out my life. It is my hope that this will translate through in Lucky Bug Productions. I have never seen myself as just one thing nor have I been inspired by just one type of art. Therefore, I don’t see Lucky Bug as just a TV or Film company but as an Art Company designed to “Create, Innovate, and decorate!" "

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Web Marketing - Movie Fanatics

Movie Obsession Websites!!/old-school-favorites/

Marketing and the Holiday Spirits

In Marketing class in the summer, the students had to develop a new vodka brand. Well vodka is just distilled grain, but creating a new brand is for a marketer. Minnie came up with a great idea and some fine visuals, don't you think?

St. Nick's Spirits wants to be right there with you and yours during the holidays as you shake presents when no one's looking, attend "white elephant" parties and wrap those special presents at the last minute in newspaper funnies. St. Nick's will be there lubricating your senses as you watch in horror as your parents barrage your fiance with anecdotes of Christmases past complete with pictures of you in your Underoos unwrapping presents. St. Nick's Spirits will become the beverage of the holiday season.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

AILV Grad Gets some serious fun as work.

Someone believes in marketing and database development. Click here to go to the link for more information on this graduate that is building a filmmaking career.

The latest works by Dean Pizzo. To view art in full resolution, just click here!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A movie built for the new media

Shot for a reported $15,000, "Paranormal Activity" came in at No. 5 with $7.1 million as distributor Paramount expanded it into daylong release after two weeks of midnight-only screenings.

Fans talked it up on Twitter and Facebook, while the movie expanded to more cities based on which markets received the most requests to see it on a Web site Paramount set up… "We all spend a lot of time talking about Facebook and Twitter and our ability to communicate. Here's a case where it allows people to rally around a movie they care about and for them to have a sense of participation, then tell other people, "Hey, this is something you should see, too,'" said Rob Moore, Paramount vice chairman.

Extra Small NY Apartment - about 600 sq ft

The owners wanted to be closer to the Airport. They needed a doorman to take deliveries, and they wanted to be closer to their office. They wanted to have a glass box up in the sky, something very manageable and easy, like a glorified hotel room. The result doesn't feel cluttered. Furniture had to be precisely measured. The miniature side-tables were custom ordered to fit in the crevices on either side of the bed. They also purposefully chose some oversized pieces—the armoire, the horse sculpture and a large floor lamp—to add drama to the space. When you have all small-scale furniture, it starts to look like a dorm room, said the owner.

"I was surprised how small it was," says furniture designer Marsia Holzer, whom the owners tapped to custom-make lighting and other pieces, including the horse sculpture and side-tables. "I think it's interesting that they didn't have to get an enormous place to show how great they are."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A sign from God… the first day of Fall 09 Career Development class is the Last Day for Free CES Registration!

A sign from God… the first day of Fall 09 Career Development class is the Last Day for

Free CES Registration! Someone is watching out for you…..

Have you registered for CES? Have your colleagues? Earn big points with the boss by getting your entire team registered today, the last day to sign up for free.

Register today to skip the $100 fee (or $200 on-site). Then check out the latest to join the impressive keynote lineup along with what else is coming to Vegas in January when the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow opens its doors to you and 110,000 or so other consumer technology professionals.

Please use priority code AN6 when registering. Click here! <<<<<<----------

Providing a lot of details in your MyCES profile is like finding that perfect date. The more information you include about yourself, the better match you’ll find. Create your profile with as much detailed information as possible about the products you’re interested in, the technologies you want to see, the exhibitors you want to visit, the sessions you want to attend and the MyCES search engine will find the products, exhibitors, and sessions that match your interests. And not only will the MyCES tool serve up your perfect match, it will also make recommendations of other exhibitors who are similar to the ones you asked for and the most popular exhibitors other attendees have searched.

Remember, a more complete profile gives you better search results.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's the MegaWoosh.

If you spend any time online, have a TV or know anyone who does, you've probably heard about the latest craze blasting its way through cyberspace. In case you haven't, a recap: A guy in a neoprene suit goes barreling down a waterslide, flies off the end and through the air, traveling a great distance, and splashes down in a tiny pool. It's the MegaWoosh. See?

Please understand. This is a hoax. It didn't happen. Ultimately, it's an ad for Microsoft Germany. Still, it is awfully clever. Heck, some commentators out there on the Net are suggesting it could be one of the greatest fakes in the history of the World Wide Web.

How this excellent production came together can be boiled down to something like this -- a stuntman starts down the slide, but a rope keeps him from going too far, the thing that's airborne isn't a person, but is instead animation, and the principal character ended up in the pool by dropping off a small ramp. Piece it seamlessly together, and there you go.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Networking and Robot Chicken

Seth Green, Matthew Senreich and Breckin Meyer will set off on a historic voyage across the country with the Robot Chicken on Wheels '09 Tour as part of the Adult Swim Presents series. In each of these nine cities, the boys will promote the DVD release of Emmy-nominated Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II by invading a roller skating rink and spreading the madness that is Robot Chicken.

Tour Dates

Day Date Place City Special Guests Web Posts
Sunday August 2, 2009 Rancho Crystal Palace Skating Center Las Vegas, NV

All shows will open the doors at 8PM and admission is free. Fans who have purchased the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II DVD will be able to get in an hour earlier with an early entry voucher found in the DVD box.

There will be games and competitions, plenty of skating and a performance by the band Gym Class Heroes. There will also be special appearances by RC writers, producers, voice cast members, as well as guest bands. Celebrities appearing in the below videos could be

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marketing Blog Lists

Alvarado, Melvin Alexander
Carter, Wakonda Patricia
Cunningham, Lana M.
De La Luz, Jeremy M
Edwards, Ryan
Esparza, Cierra Marie
Estoy, Mary Ann
Flores, Roger
Geene, Trevor Abram
Grant, Rechelle Lynne
Hamilton, Barry E.
Harker, Jessica Lee
Hooper, Shane
Johnson, Jakia S.
Jorgenson, April Michelle
Kearney, Rahkeem Supreme
Mazengwe, Warren Thamsanqa
Milner, Jasmine
Reaze, Shantay M
Robinson, Christopher C
Rodriguez, Melissa
Seavey, Paul M.S.
Shapiro, Rebecca L.
Shiffraw, Dawit W.
Waggoner, Dontre Durrell
Wood, Johnie George

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Business Law Blogs - Summer09

Boyer, Jonathan R.
Burrell, Crystal Neisha-Corin
Cross, William L.,,II
DeMotte, Joseph Richard
Doss, Adrian
Edwards, Ryan
Funtek, Anton J
Gonzales, Matthew James
Grable, Jordan C.
Hernandez, Jaqueline
Hudson, Kyle A.
Ibarra, Gustavo Alonso,, Jr.
Kononchik, Mike J.
Miller, David Austin
Najbicz, Tristan
Ortiz, Stephani
Perez, Angel L.
Pham, Richmond
Polo, Dianne
Price, Raymond George
Resto, Davidgonzalo Duenas
Rueca, Michael E.
Smith, Michelle Zenobia
Teh, George Fundales,, III
Thomas, David M.
Veliz, Andrew G.
Woody, Stacia C
Zappia, Rocco M.

Friday, July 10, 2009

LaidOffCamp at the Art Institute of Las Vegas

The concept is easy. Show up. Express interests and concerns. Break off into smaller discussion groups and exchange information. The Las Vegas Version was held Friday, July 10th.

Since the first camp in San Francisco in March, the volunteer-driven events have been held in several cities, including Dallas and New York. The camps are free. Information about upcoming camps is posted at and details are available on Facebook.

It’s a way to help people by providing information relevant to their situation. After seven years working as a multimedia designer for slot manufacturer IGT, Las Vegas resident Michael Baker (in picture with Debra Baez of Baez Design, a guest speaker) left to start his own multimedia company. When the economy tanked, he needed to figure out a few things, so he headed to LaidOffCamp in Los Angeles.

The one-day camp, held in May, drew attendees who were self-employed, unemployed or looking to leave the corporate world. They exchanged information on a wide range of topics, including health insurance, legal issues facing startups, personal branding, monetizing skills and expertise.

Full article from the LV Sun? click here

Thursday, July 9, 2009

International CES in Las Vegas, See you at the show!

Your window to the future is opening soon — and it's free! Register today for the 2010 International CES in Las Vegas, Thursday, January 7–Sunday, January 10, 2010! As a loyal attendee you get to register first — and if you act before October 1, 2009, you'll save the $100 preshow registration fee.*

> See you at the show!

*Beginning October 1, 2009, a registration fee of $100 will be charged.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CineVegas is different than some film festivals – it has less movies! Ah, but the parties….

There were less than thirty movies this year. With working my real job (this!) and volunteering, I was under the gun to see the hits. I was pretty lucky. I saw three of the top festival films (Etienne!, Easier With Practice and Winnebago Man) and the almost impossible to get tickets to see closing night film, World’s Greatest Dad.

Winnebago Man was an odd film. I was unfamiliar with the sensation. Seems that everyone (except me) was familiar with this crazy guy who spits and swears while making a twenty year old industrial film about how wonderful Winnebago’s are to own. A man named Jack Rebney is Winnebago Man. These are the outtakes and tirades pieced together by the video crew that Mr. Rebney had hired to assist in making a promotional video for marketing RVs. There are several versions of the original on YouTube. This one runs over 4 minutes and features Winnebago Man's hatred for flies and several long swearing and cursing montages. . It has millions of hits.

I did not quite get it. I think this because I was unsure through the first third of the film if it was a documentary or a mockumentary. It took a while for me to realize the scope of the impact of this “found” footage. To me, the film lacked structure. On the other hand, the audience certainly responded. It got the audience favorite. There was a Vegas connection in the film, also. Although the featured subject of the film was not at the festival, his best friend came. Turns out he lives in Vegas. I met him, but it took a few minutes for me to realize who he was. We chatted for a while. He is quite an interesting character in his own right.

I was not particularly impressed with Robin William’s World’s Greatest Dad. I spoke with the director, Bob Goldthwait in the theater after the Q&A. He felt the Vegas crowd was too mature for the film. Having been a comedian, only he could put Vegas and mature in the same sentence and still keep a straight face. He said he had just shown the film to a young audience in Maryland in a theater with 700 seats. They went wild and gave him a standing ovation. He was surprised at the cool reception the film got that night.

The highlight of the festival was the real closing night film. On Monday, after the festival supposedly ended, CineVegas set up an outdoor “drive-in” to show the 1958 sensation, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. It was a rare opportunity to see this B-film sci-fi classic the way the creators meant it to be seen. With popcorn, soda (unless you smuggled in a couple beers – and many did) and the balmy Vegas night, it was an only at a film festival treat! The after party at the Sidebar nearby capped a wonderful evening. Sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka and Stella Artois (read lots of free alcohol), the vibe was going strong in this festival wrap up.

I met Jim Turner at the party. He is the founder and director of the independent Film Society of Colorado. As a self-professed addict of independent cinema, he has worked at Sundance for a number of years. He leveraged that love of film into yearly festival in his hometown. He dismissed his day job (as a government contractor) as an excuse to fund his real love – festival films. He uses his limited vacation to work both Sundance and CineVegas. Working at these festivals has afforded Jim the opportunity to make contacts with filmmakers and film professionals from around the world. Check out his website, . He is kind of proof that you can work your day job and still be actively involved in the industry.

There was also a party Saturday night at the Playboy Club, but for some reason, even after spending hours at it, I don’t really remember much. There are some pictures posted elsewhere on this blog. Apparently, I took them.

CineVegas is over and I had a great time.

CineVegas is over and I had a great time.

It was a bit shortened this year, and this made it more difficult to both volunteer and participate in the festival. I did work the box-office for the third time in my ten years of working the festival. It seemed the lines were longer at the box-office, but the loading of the theaters went smoother.

I made a point to see the picture that Trevor Groth was hot on at his presentation at the Coffee Bean a few weeks ago. I have to say that it was the best hamster mover I had ever seen. The basic plot was after a young finds out that his best and only friend, a dwarf hamster named Etienne, has terminal cancer, he decides to take his pocket pet on a bicycle road trip to show him the world before he has to put him to sleep. It was a terrific student film, but hardly a major motion picture as the credits suggest.

I spoke to the director, Jeff Mizushima, in the CineVegas headquarters. He ended up winning the Filmmaker to Watch Award for his film. I complemented him on getting the film made – this is a tough thing for young filmmakers – and asked him about his plans. Chris Gore joined us. He is a writer, filmmaker, speaker, television host and commentator who has built a solid reputation as an outspoken voice in the independent film world. His original site is Check his (outdated) personal website I have heard him speak at the a couple years ago.

We discussed why young filmmakers are at a loss as to using their project to make money. It is a challenge to just get the film made. Actually using it to make money is a very difficult concept. Since he did not have distribution for his film, I suggested building a marketing program. He might start with a video. He should build videos as DVD extras. He had an original song in the film performed by a local band. They were performers at a party at the festival. I suggested that he reedit the footage into a music video and use it to get a lot of hits. He could also reedit the scene of bike crash into the car with the unused footage about the bike into a tree that he discussed in Q&A after the film. This would be a kind of outtakes reel. He nodded. I later checked that indeed he had posted a video to almost a year ago. It was dull. At the time it had about 1000 hits. Check it out if you want, He needs to work harder to get some buzz to pre-sell his film. The student videos (of varying quality) on THIS blog have gotten over two million hits. Getting noticed is possible. Making money is OK. You can use it to do more of the things you like to do… like make movies.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tough to get a Job now-a-days!

As the downturn persists, U.S. employers flooded with résumés increasingly insist that job hunters jump through unusual hoops."Job seekers frequently face a process that makes the Spanish Inquisition seem tame" because management sees the sour economy as a golden opportunity "for upgrading talent," says Jennifer Berman, a Chicago human-resources consultant.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oakley Sunglasses at Night Art Tour

Oakley Sunglasses at Night Art Tour joined AILV on May 21 at night in front of the school. In addition to a full Oakley gallery exhibit, beats being played by Oakley's resident DJ, and free food and drink, the event featured 40 pairs of Oakley sunglasses designed by students wanting to make their mark on the Oakley brand.

A week prior to the event, participating students at the Institute were given white Oakley Hijinx and very few guidelines. Leaving no material left behind, the students showcased their artistic talents on an Oakley eyewear canvas.

Residing Judge Andrew Petterson, who last year designed 50 handcrafted Oakley Frogskins, held court over the festivities. He is a freelance artist with an Oakley connection. Though a bright and Red Bull (and something else) fueled conversation, he revealed that he had been raised in Boise, Idaho and moved to the West Coast at age 19. He makes his living in the automotive industry as a custom paint designer. He freely admits that he has no creative control over his day job, so he uses his Oakley connection to express himself. Living in Huntington Beach, he is connected into that snowboard, skateboard young guy lifestyle that inspires the Oakley brand. Although unschooled, he was inspired by both his parents who were artists and educators. Though laidback, at 28 years old, he admits to an intense commitment to his creative energies. “I live this,” he says, “but I love what I do.” Induced to share his body art, he says he worked in collaboration with the tattoo artist to blend his original designs with the artistic ability of the other artist. They hooked up though a chance meeting with a mutual friend who had a tattoo that Andrew admired. The tattoo artist needed a paint job to restore his car and Andres wanted a chest to knee tattoo and a deal was stuck. Visiting his third Art Institute, he admitted that for the first time that he was a little intimidated by the talent of the students at our school. The quality of the students work, both in the sunglass project and student work on display, impressed him.

Rett, the marketing manger from Oakley was equally excited about the school. He revealed that he like to continue our relationship. He suggested that he might be a good addition to our marketing classes. The target market for Oakley products is exactly the market that is hardest for current marketers to reach.

Try these site for more information and pictures!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outstanding Job for a Couple Talented Web Designers

Above is the REAL LVMI, Nick's and them Lynn's.
To the left is the google search from today...

See the previous post! It seems that some of our student work is being confused with the actual websites they are redesigning. As an instructor, I have used this project a number of times. This confusion can be the result of a number of issues, but I think it clear that the students involved - Lynn and Nick - can be commended on well done work. Compare their proposed redo's of Las Vegas Movie Insider witht he actual website. Both Lynn and Nick came up as number 8 and 11 respectfully on a google search with the real LVMI coming up first.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Student Work - Too good!

Some good news and some bad news... Lynn's webwork was so compelling that it showed up on a google search as the EIGHTH listing... and it is not a real site! This certainly shows how wonderful Lynn's work is and how well she designs her web pages. Unfortunately, the actual owner of the site, who supported our class project, discovered this problem and asked to have the site altered as not to cause confusion in the marketplace. Check them out!

This is what the original website owner thinks of the Web Marketing Class:

Thanks Frank, you’re awesome. I really love what they’re doing and I’m very honored that you use my website as a tool in your class.
It’s pretty cool!

Shawn Lane
Cheyenne Marketing

Monday, May 11, 2009

CineVegas Cafe Series

I went to the CineVegas Café Series over the weekend. The featured speaker was Trevor Groth. I’ve known him for about seven years, although I am not sure he knew my name for the first few. As a long-term volunteer for the festival, I have seen many changes. I think Trevor was one of the best. He has been involved with the Sundance Film Festival for many years: first as a volunteer, then as staff, then programming and he was recently promoted to Head of Programming for Sundance. I told him that he was the first person that I had seen interview on the Sundance Channel that I actually know.

As Artistic Director for CineVegas, he discussed the upcoming festival and opened the conversation to questions. I asked him what he thought of the article in the WSJ about the tightening of funding for independent films.

According to the article “Indie Films Suffer Drop-Off in Rights Sales” from the WSJ April 20, 2009, “In the latest challenge to the American movie business, a crucial source of funding for independent films -- sales of foreign-distribution rights -- is rapidly drying up… But today, due to factors ranging from the credit crunch to burgeoning online piracy, even the biggest names aren't always enough to sell an American film abroad.”

Trevor said, “ With the challenges of the domestic economy combined with the paradigm changes brought on by digital media and downloading, the industry is trying to figure out how to monetize films and filmmaking. While this is going on, the festival circuit may offer an opportunity to get your product out and be seen by the marketplace.”

Once upon a time, records (now cd’s) were the focus of the recording industry. Artist toured to promote their record sales. Now it is just the opposite. Recording and downloads help promote the touring and concert industries.

Again, from the WSJ article, says Mr. [Graham] King [a Hollywood film producer who won an Oscar in 2007 for "The Departed]. “With credit drying up across the globe, many foreign distributors simply don't have the capital to buy… At some point these buyers have to find some product for 2010 and 2011, so Cannes and Venice will be interesting,"

Certainly, the conversation on Saturday supported this contention. Trevor said that the submissions for both Sundance and CineVegas have never been higher.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Making Freelancing Work For You

In the Wall Street Journal, there is a report on how Web sites that advertise freelance work have been expanding, with some listing twice as many ads as they did a year ago. The sites — including, and — also feature opportunities in a wider variety of fields now, including accounting, law, engineering, sales and marketing. Many people also use Craigslist to advertise freelance gigs, too.

To be sure, freelancing is a juggling act in itself. The arrangement requires the ability to meet deadlines while always searching for and securing that next gig. There are also safety concerns if your job involves working with strangers. And working for yourself can have tricky tax consequences.

The good news is that many freelance job sites help simplify things by offering the option to create a free profile describing the services you offer. You typically can also upload work samples, post employer testimonials and complete competency tests in areas like software coding and email etiquette.

Do you think you have what it takes to freelance?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GarageBand on the Mac's

GarageBand puts a music studio on your computer, where the band is never late and always plays in tune. Since it is on a Mac, you already know how it works... kind of. It is pretty easy to play with, but you have simply got to have some talent to make real music. Some of our students do! The school has higher end and more comprehensive software, but for some students, this is all they will need. GB is part of iLife and is standard on all new Mac's.

With GarageBand, you can record, arrange, and mix your music, and then share it with the world. GarageBand includes a complete recording studio, a set of pro-quality instruments and effects, and a large library of prerecorded sounds you can use in your projects. Whether you’re an experienced musician or you’ve never made music before, you can create your own songs, podcasts, and ringtones using GarageBand.

We have GB08 on the AILV Mac's. Since Apple has released a new version, if you want some Video Tutorials on GB08, click:

Jobless Tap Power of Merchandising - Wall Street Journal

Stephanie Aucoin got a job offer the same day she was stopped in an elevator by an executive who noticed her new yellow wristband with "Laid Off Need a" embossed with black letters.

The executive, who was a chief financial officer at an alternative energy company, was looking for an assistant and told her to stop in to meet with him. "I did," says Ms. Aucoin, 48 years old, who started the new job in March after being laid off from an executive-assistant position at a local accounting firm last September.

The silicone bracelet -- think of Lance Armstrong's Livestrong original version -- was an idea Ms. Aucoin, of Sarasota, Fla., developed with Barbara Bourn, 59, a former colleague.


Hopeful entrepreneurs, most of whom have lost their jobs, are capitalizing on layoffs while also highlighting the plight of the jobless. They are dreaming up layoff-related merchandise, offering wristbands, mugs, T-shirts, board games and more to the recently unemployed -- whose ranks are growing. More than 5.1 million jobs have been lost since December 2007, and more cuts are expected in the coming months.

Padding dwindling bank accounts is what originally motivated Ms. Aucoin and Ms. Bourn. "We needed to find a gimmick" to earn money, says Ms. Bourn, who was forced to sell her house after her hours in an interior-design sales position were cut back.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sgt Eric Gordon at NAB Networking Party

G-Day Frank

It was great chatting with you the other day and thanks for taking interest in the Canadian Armed Forces ''Army News''.

Check out our web site at

We have been in production since 2003 and have been growing ever since. We train our soldiers in-house on a course that last about 8 weeks. Below is a brief detail of what we are all about.

Army News is part of Army Multimedia whose role is to provide reliable and accurate internal information to Canadian soldiers and the Army chain of command using traditional and emerging technologies.

Some of Army Multimedia's main tasks are to gather news about and for soldiers, update the Army website daily and produce and distribute two bilingual Army News video episodes weekly as well as special programming as required.

In carrying out these functions under the leadership of the Director Army Public Affairs, Army Multimedia supports the Army by helping shape Army culture, informing our internal audience and connecting with Canadians.

Eleven Army News field teams of soldier-reporters and CF image technicians, supported by public affairs officers, gather news throughout the Army for Army Multimedia.

Army News teams are located in Halifax, Gagetown, Valcartier, Ottawa, Petawawa, Toronto, Shilo, Wainwright and Edmonton. Several Reserve Army News teams are also located across Canada.

Again it was nice meeting you and hope to meet again sometime.


Sgt Eric Gordon

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nab - This is free in Vegas - If you signed up

Games: Top 5 Trends Revolutionizing Entertainment Today
Open to All
Las Vegas Convention Center: N252
April 23 • 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.

The video game industry is poised to double in sales from $32 billion in 2005 to nearly $70 billion in 2011 by some estimates. New consuls, increased capabilities and widespread acceptance into mainstream culture make this medium a serious contender in the mass market entertainment industry. Learn about the top trends driving this fast growing industry and how to tap into this lucrative medium.

  • Dale Strang, Executive in Residence, Battery Ventures, Former, Managing Editor, International Games Network
  • Panelist(s):
  • Reto Bodmer, CEO, Evolved Games
  • YuChiang Cheng, CEO, World Golf Tour
  • Glen Schofield , Vice President and General Manager, Electronic Arts Redwood Shores Studio

  • Read earlier post ot see hour one guy found the "secret code" to get into the industry event.

    You need to do things like this. Nearly naked women, alcohol and networking

    Networking Events
    Official All-Access Monday Night Party
    Monday, April 20 | 6 - 8 p.m.
    Located on the Mezzanine at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Come and meet the glamour girls of "Peepshow"! Also featuring former NBA legends in the interactive "HHX: The Hoop Hall Experience". Enjoy a welcome drink and toast with Robin Leach, host of the Content Theater!
    Admission to the party and live performance is complimentary with NAB Show badge. Discounted cash bar and food stations will also be available.

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Business Law Spring 2009

    Agnos, Eugenia George
    Angel, Renferd K
    Clinton, Christian Randolph
    Conforti, Chris
    Corbilla, Paul J.
    Cuch, Taylor Rayne
    Curtis, Michael Patrick
    Deblase, Andrew J.
    Dickerson, Allison Marie
    Dierken, Alex Daniel
    Eagar, Holly
    Garza, Artemio O.
    Gonzales, Robin,, Jr.
    Hamilton, Barry E.
    Hodgin, Coriandra Lee
    James, Camille Terese
    Lum, Kevin T.
    Manning, Chris
    McNabb, Teri M.
    Meade, Melody A.
    O'Connor, Sara L.
    Pastor, Lauren Brittany
    Paulo, Britney C.
    Payanouvong, Seth King
    Quemado, Rick Allen
    Reed, Amanda A.
    Wacaser, Cristin J.
    Zullo, John A.

    Thursday, April 9, 2009

    NAB in Vegas

    Imagine an event powerful enough to lead an industry of converging technologies for more than 80 years. Imagine a gathering of global professionals and solutions providers from every stage of the content lifecycle, from creation to consumption. Imagine the ultimate educational experience.

    Welcome to the IMAGINation. More than just broadcasting, the NAB Show™ is attended by leading media, entertainment and communications professionals like you who share a passion for delivering the next generation of audio, video, and filmed content across multiple platforms – from televisions, radios and computers to phones, the big screen and beyond.

    Schedule at a Glance: Sat April 18 to Thurs April 23
    One student in Career Development class filled out the registration information and then googled for the FEE PASS CODE. It took (on the second try) and he got in! Once you get in, you are alumnae and you will be invited to future conferences.

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Interop Conference - Tuesday-Thursday, May 19-21

    If you want to really be taken seriously in the marketplace, you have got to keep up your skills. Las Vegas offers a bunch of opportunities to meet, greet and make contacts in the industry for free. Interop is pretty technical, but so are some of our students. Attend the Technology Industry's Most Comprehensive IT Conference Tuesday-Thursday, May 19-21.

    Attend the Interop Conference for a comprehensive, integrated view of technologies that will give your business a competitive edge. Learn how the recent surge of IT innovation can help you cut costs, get closer to your customers and increase revenue Here is the link to their website:
    Invite A Colleague? They sent to me the code to get in for free (my favorite word!)
    They sent: Do you have a friend or co-worker who might like to join you at Interop? Copy and paste this special offer and your friend will save $100 on the current price of Conference passes:
    I'm going to Interop May 17-21, 2009 and thought you might like to join me. Interop is a comprehensive IT Conference and Expo with more than 200 sessions and 400+ exhibitors. Interop provides a comprehensive, integrated view of technologies that will give your business a competitive edge. Use code CNCDNL01 to register for a Free Expo Pass or save $100 on Conference packages.

    Eat Vegans - a Cookbook

    I don't think that this group's presentation went especially well, but I cannot fault the quality and talent of the artist that came up with the concept and did the principle artwork. Here is a sample of Grant's skills. He was pretty funny in class during his presentation, too. Check out his site for more details:

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Emerald Tower Studios

    A project management group is developing a new take on the Wizard of OZ. They have been a bit sluggish, but I was very impressed with this creative blast.

    They built a short teaser trailer for our upcoming project Reign of the Witch: A Tale of the Once Great City of Oz. If you want to know more, please visit them at

    Friday, February 13, 2009

    Twenty Bucks - small change

    I don't think this group did near a fine a job as the previous post, but I like their art work and their sense of humor... Pretty good, don't you think?

    Twenty Bucks

    The students in Project Management did a fund raising project. I thought this group had quite a bit of success for pulling it together in only four weeks. 

    The Outcome of their Event

    see blog at for details

    "With the help of the Freakin' Frog, we pulled off our anti-Valentine's Day bash raising $183 for the Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones! It was a blast with the jazz band playing in the back and everyone enjoying something off the "freakin' charity pricing" menu. (You've got to try the fries there-- totally awesome!)

    We had set out on the tables small heart-shaped bowls filled with black oreo and chocolate chip cookies with flyers to inform the customers of our cause, and themed stuffed animal favors with punky skulls and black and white-striped bows.

    We had intended to hold the bash at both the Freakin' Frog and the Double Down Saloon, but we experienced some miscommunication... and though Rob's signs were the best (with Cupid face painted and an arrow in his back!), our planned drink specials fell through. Nevertheless, we managed to remain organized along the way and learned a lot from the experience. We're confident that anything we hold in the future will have an even greater outcome, and we look forward to it!"

    PS: They presented the money to the non profit director in class after their presentation. He was impressed!