Monday, February 22, 2010

Super Bowl Commercials

I challenged my Project Management class to create a super bowl style commercial and post it to and get 5.000 hits. They did this under tight constraints. They formed groups of four people of mixed degrees including film-making, animation and game design. They had just two weeks to create, film and edit the one minute (plus five seconds of credits) and then post it to youtube at one minute after midnight Friday before super bowl. Then they had seven days (incuding Super Bowl Sunday) to get the hits. They did a project on guerrilla marketing to develop ideas to spread the word.

One project was weak and had hits that proved it. Another was a good effort, and they learned a lot, but the hits were a miss. One group did a fine job on the commercial and had over 6,000 hits in less then seven days. It had grown since: 7,625 views as of today. I think if they put the effort in, they might be able to cross 10,000. Alas, the project is over. We have moved on to a way more challenging set of projects for the second half of the quarter. Enjoy!

If you want to check out the other projects, go to youtube and search on ailv and stress. The class chose the search terms!