Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter 2016 Classes

Fundamentals of Advertising | BUS125

Bagenstos, Casey Andrew   http://jmediaads.blogspot.com/
Hodges, Ashley M.  http://monaistyle.blogspot.com/
Normandin, Francisca  http://rosesandcaviarr.blogspot.com/
Shelton, Annalicia   http://annaliciasnews.blogspot.com/
Underwood, Corey Joseph   http://coreyunderwooddesigns.blogspot.com/

Human Resource Management | BUS341

Arroyo, Xiara   http://hmr341.blogspot.com/
Bedoni, Kody Vee   http://hrmlvkb.blogspot.com/
Collins, Kelsey Elise   http://kelseytheco.blogspot.com/
Garcia-Peccianti, Alisha Mae  http://alishamaehumanresource.blogspot.com/
Glover-Mackey, Avery Simone  http://industryfuel.blogspot.com/
Hodges, Ashley M.   http://monaistyle.blogspot.com/
Nida, Alexis  R   http://buscemmi.blogspot.com/
Perez, Jessie  M   http://jessieperez01.blogspot.com/
Scotton, Jathan T   http://jathant1000.blogspot.com/
Washington, Caulin A   http://svntenchi.blogspot.com/
Wiman, Casey Hope   http://caseywimanhr.blogspot.com/

Fundamentals of Marketing | BUS121

Aispuro, Martha A.  http://marthalxx.blogspot.com/
Collins, Kelsey Elise   http://kelsmarketingco.blogspot.com/
Glover-Mackey, Avery Simone   http://averysimonemarketing.blogspot.com/
Halton, Hunter Jeffrey  http://haltondesignsmarketing.blogspot.com/
Hoisington, Brandon Alexander   http://bhoisimarketing.blogspot.com/
Huber, Casey Elizabeth  http://caseysmarketing.blogspot.com/
Liquori, Danielle M   http://dmliquori.blogspot.com/
Miller, Christopher Daniel   http://onelesssecondmarketing.blogspot.com/
Stanley, Emily Frances   http://queenofmint.blogspot.com/
Van Rossum, Adam Jay  http://adamvrmarketing.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CES2016 - You should have been there!

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It's where business gets done: on the show floor, in and around our conference program, in impromptu connections and in planned meetings and special events. Experience the mind-blowing technology and awe-inducing innovations with us at #CES2016
I visited http://uraniom.co/  These are the co-owners Nicolas and Jeremy

Upload your scan, choose one of the compatible games, and create your avatar with just a few clicks. Thanks to a short configuration phase, you can adjust some physical and other in-game parameters.  

Adding content to improve the game experience should not be restricted to the most dedicated fans. This is why we created a system that allows for extremely simple avatar integration, into existing games we already love. 

Check out my video!