Thursday, February 10, 2011

Story Boards = Excellent Planning

This team did quite a great job.

Here are the story boards for the Three Wolves Super Bowl commercial. You will find the commercial in the previous post. Note how well the students planned the shoot before they even reserved the camera!

Here is a bit more of Hsiao-Hsien Ryan Ching's work on another project. This is the Math Cruncher!

Banned Super Bowl Commercials

The Project Management class this quarter did one of my favorite projects!

We built Super Bowl style commercials and posted them to youtube to try and take advantage of all the hype surrounding the big game. I think they did a great job. Keep in mind that the time constraints were really tight - only two weeks to create, shoot and edit a one minute commercial - and them post it and get hits. In the past we got as much as 800,000 hits, but I think my original idea of banned Superbowl commercials has been over-saturated and maybe even stolen by actual advertisers (hey GoDaddy).

But enjoy, anyway......

Impressive work, even if they did not get the hits!