Friday, February 13, 2009

Twenty Bucks - small change

I don't think this group did near a fine a job as the previous post, but I like their art work and their sense of humor... Pretty good, don't you think?

Twenty Bucks

The students in Project Management did a fund raising project. I thought this group had quite a bit of success for pulling it together in only four weeks. 

The Outcome of their Event

see blog at for details

"With the help of the Freakin' Frog, we pulled off our anti-Valentine's Day bash raising $183 for the Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones! It was a blast with the jazz band playing in the back and everyone enjoying something off the "freakin' charity pricing" menu. (You've got to try the fries there-- totally awesome!)

We had set out on the tables small heart-shaped bowls filled with black oreo and chocolate chip cookies with flyers to inform the customers of our cause, and themed stuffed animal favors with punky skulls and black and white-striped bows.

We had intended to hold the bash at both the Freakin' Frog and the Double Down Saloon, but we experienced some miscommunication... and though Rob's signs were the best (with Cupid face painted and an arrow in his back!), our planned drink specials fell through. Nevertheless, we managed to remain organized along the way and learned a lot from the experience. We're confident that anything we hold in the future will have an even greater outcome, and we look forward to it!"

PS: They presented the money to the non profit director in class after their presentation. He was impressed!