Thursday, April 9, 2015

Missing the class the this week - you missed a lot!,,

Being in class

In a documentary film that aired on Turner Classic Movies channel, Woody Allen apparently acknowledges that he is the originator of the quote.

From a review of the film:

"He's baffled that his advice to young playwrights -- '80 percent of life is showing up' -- is so well known. 'That quote has been used 10,000 times all over the world to represent me with some kind of profound insight,' he says. 'As if I could determine the percentage.'"
Source: Orlando Sentinel; Orlando, Fla.; May 4, 2002

Faculty: please leave the following section and do not modify:

Please keep in mind The Art Institute of Las Vegas’ Attendance Policy. If you miss more than two classes of a specific class you will be automatically withdrawn from the class. Once you have been dropped from the class you will have to submit an appeal letter which will be reviewed by your Academic Director/Program Coordinator, the Dean of Academic Affairs, and me, your instructor.

Late participation / presentation: may not be made up.  If you are absent for a class period, you have forfeited the participation component of that day’s class meeting.  In addition, if you have missed a presentation, that is also forfeited and will result in zero points. 

A student who is absent for three cumulative weeks will be withdrawn from the course and will receive a Withdrawal (W) grade during weeks 1 through 9 of an 11 week term and a Withdrawal/Fail (W/F) grade after week 9 of an 11 week term for that course unless the student submits an appeal to remain in class that is accepted by the instructor and department director/dean.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to successfully complete this course. In order to pass, it is important that you attend class every week and that you complete and turn in assignments on time. If because of some extenuating circumstance you are unable to attend class, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor before class, if possible.

 Frank Pinto

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