Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jerry Metellus in the classroom....

In the Fundamentals of Advertising class, we welcomed Jerry Metellus to give a presentation and show his work.

He is a former entertainer (model, dancer, actor) who traded the limelight to setting up lights and shines it on others. He prefers to work with people but will also shoot food and architecture. “I can handle, but they're not the best humorous communicators...”

From his MySpace website: My motto is “DO IT SERIOUSLY, DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!! Easy going. Open minded. Beyond Patient. Energetic. Love: Life, People, Laughter, Open minds, Creative Spirits, Caring Souls, Warm Hearts, Talented people of all kinds.”

In this sample image, he shot it without any special effects. These are principle dancers with the Nevada Ballet... with their son, who is not actually in the company. Click on that image to go to his website.

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