Thursday, August 5, 2010

COPYRIGHT LAW: Legal attack dogs!

Legal attack dog sicked on websites accused of violating R-J copyrights

Websites and blogs that post Las Vegas Review-Journal content, however innocent their intent, can expect to be sued without warning

In the Las Vegas Sun Newspaper on August 5, 2010, an article by Steve Green details the Las Vegas Review Journal’s attempt to control their original content. A brief synopsis follows. Click on the headline to go to the original article.

“Righthaven’s procedure has been to “troll” to find an infringement of an R-J
copyright to a specific story. It then buys the copyright for that story from
the R-J’s owner, Stephens Media LLC, and afterward sues the infringer…

In online forums and news stories, Righthaven has been widely pounded on
for suing mom-and-pop-type bloggers, nonprofit groups and special-interest
websites that can’t afford to fight back in court — and for hitting copyright
infringers with suits rather than asking that they take down the stories and
replace them with links to the originals…

None of the contested Righthaven cases has advanced to the point where a trial has been scheduled. Judges as of Friday had not yet ruled on the motions for dismissal or the other legal arguments by defendants…”

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