Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eldrich in the World's Dirtiest Video

Eldrich did an authentic and hilarious job on this project for Digital Marketing. The task was to make a commercial for Axe products meeting the rules (and my rules) of the Axe company. The 30 second spot must be able to be show on network TV and have the theme "World's Dirtiest Video". This was a two week assignment done entirely outside of class to be posted on with an emphasis on marketing to get hits. Eldrich took it off YouTube after the quarter was over, but I hounded him to let me post it here. With a bit more time and a budget, I think he'd definitely have a late night TV commercial. Although not entered in the actual Axe contest, I think you will agree it is a winner!

PS: Look elsewhere in this blog for Rob's project. It too is quite good.

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