Monday, September 19, 2011

Great Food Trucks in Vegas

Food trucks are a culinary trend. They are suddenly everywhere. Trucks move constantly, "broadcasting" their location by Twitter, parking wherever they can find enough space, and drawing as many as 800 people.

In the world of food, the food truck has a kind of celebrity standing. It is where the action is. As the LA Times said:

“The truck and its staff of merry makers have become a sort of roving party, bringing people to neighborhoods they might not normally go to, and allowing for interactions with strangers they might not otherwise talk to.”

In marketing class summer quarter, we developed Marketing plans for food trucks. I think there were some pretty good ideas presented with some great creative material.

Keri Neal said: The product of the Wrap Shack is quite simple. Anything that can be folded into a wrap or a crepe is possible. Thus, developing a unique product item will keep my business on the consumers "top of mind" and meet their demands and needs as the market changes.” This photo of the wraps is her original photo:

Sara Philips said: “Starting out with a plan, then turning it actions can be one are the hardest things to do. Though implementation the Underdog needs to take its strategies and plans and turn them into actions to accomplish its goals, objectives, and uphold its mission statement. Above all, we need to exemplify our main concept and keep customers satisfied.” This website, to the left, is her creative work:

For Joscelyn Reyes, " The internet is a blessing or tragedy for all businesses, especially for the beginners that are struggling to find new consumers. For my bus truck I have opened a website and a twitter account. ( I have realized just how important the social media has grown to be, one post can determine your reputation and your business carrier.

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