Monday, April 25, 2011

A great time to start a business in Amrica

I think this commercial is wonderful for a lot of reasons. Certainly a lot of content is revealed in only 30 seconds and the little actress is terrific, but the message is really clear also. This is a great time to start a business. Yes, the economy is down, but that is the time for the entrepreneur to take advantage of the low costs of starting your own business. You can use social medis, constant online contact, gps and cell phone technology. You can use a cell phone to accept charge cards anywhere you can get a signal - I saw this in action just this past weekend at the Rock-a-billy festival.

You can prepare a business plan and get the proper government forms online. You can interact and get "Face-time" with people from around the world for free with Skype.

You can do things - today - that were not even dreamed of just a few yars ago. This commercial celebrates all that... in only 30 seconds.

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