Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Give up folks. No one cares about 3D TV

Give up folks. No one cares about 3D TV. Trust me, it's the Buttoneer (http://www.as-seen-on-tv-reviews.net/detail.asp?prodid=2327) of 2011

Originally from the 1970's, the Buttoneer is a marketing disaster legend.

Claims to be "invisible!" but the thick "clear" plastic is so fat that it shows white and is extremely obviously and tacky on any dark colored items when hemming.

As for buttons, the button stays on... so long as it isn't used. Once I tried using the actual button as, well, a button, the "secure" hold of the plastic broke through. I now have little piece of white plastic sticking out of my pants where I tried to get it to work and where it snapped.

You can still buy it, but it is a novelty, not a real product.

Just like 3D TV for the home.. as long as you have to use glasses!

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