Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He Even Waxed His Ears!

I nailed it!!!

I got this from Steve Scott. He is in my Career Development Class this quarter:

I was at lunch with my wife the other day with my wife, when I received a phone call from an employer looking for a graphic designer. I was surprised by the call because I really wasn’t looking for a job at the time. It just so happens that career services sent over my resume. This employer had a few resumes to look at so I knew I had to get in there as soon as possible to be his first interview. I had to battle my first instanced to just run over there right away and meet this person. This is how I used to do it, and it never seemed to work out. I asked, “how about tomorrow morning?” and then I asked what time would he be getting to the office, and he told me around 8:30 am. I knew that it would be best to give him time to get situated so I made an appointment for 9:30 am. This seemed to please him. He stated that he has quite a few people to look at, and I stated that after he meets me he will look no farther.

I think that this whole interview would have never been this good without the guidance of my teacher Frank Pinto. He is my Career Development teacher at the Art Institute Las Vegas. I thought to myself about how truly I would be prepared for this interview thanks to his class.

That night I went home to check out this businesses web site. Man was I surprised to see that it was right up my ally. I knew this job was for me. I knew that this was the place I wanted to work. So I started to take big steps to ensure this job was going to be mine.

My and me wife started to shop. I knew I needed to dress to impress, so we went out to look for some nice cloths for me to wear. We spent 3 hrs shopping around before we came to Wal-Mart, the last place I wanted to go to find cloths. But to my surprise I found everything I needed. I looked pretty good, maybe a little over dressed. But I looked really professional.

The day of the interview I showed up 15 minutes early dressed to impress. I had to wait in the waiting room for 20 minutes so I busted out my GD USA magazine and read. When I went into the interview I was ready. I knew what I needed to say, and I had an idea of what they wanted to hear.

When they asked me what amount I was looking for I threw them a story of how I have been going to school for 4 years preparing me for this job They told me that they were looking for somebody to work with another designer and the postion paid a modest amount an hour. I also told them I would settle for significantly more as long as they agreed to look at a raise in the future. But since I seem to have so much more experience I would be hired as the other employee’s boss. He offered me $5 more and asked if that would be good to start for now? Then he said we could talk about more in a couple of months. So already I have made $9,000 dollars extra because I knew how to walk into that interview prepared. Not to mention when he sat me down behind the computer he was even more impressed. I rocked that interview. I start work next Tuesday. I gave my old employer two weeks notice and I am off to start my new career as a Graphic Designer. Thanks Frank Pinto and your Career Development class.

By Steve Scott Graphic Designer

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