Friday, April 20, 2012

You got to have a Dream - anyone can start a business.

Described by Adweek as “exceptional,” the "Susie Lemonade" commercial (blogged previously) featured a little girl running her own lemonade stand; the entrepreneurial Susie successfully develops her sidewalk stand into a full-blown business with the help of her father’s Verizon smartphone.

As if Susie’s character wasn’t endearing enough already… Adweek previously praised the spot for its excellent presentation of a positive female role model and “perfectly” delivered performances.

What started out as simply a fun and noteworthy advertisement now has the potential to develop into a long-running, memorable, and engaging campaign. Affiliations with charities are nothing new for branding, but in this case, the correlation between Susie’s Lemonade and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is so beautifully appropriate — both young, ambitious girls starting lemonade stands.

Now, the agency and client have added a fun little charity element to it. According to McCann, the only known bottle of Susie's Lemonade was put up for auction on eBay to benefit a charity called Alex's Lemonade — an organization dedicated to fighting childhood cancer. In the eBay listing, Susie explains: "The best part about building your own lemonade business isn't having a giant trampoline in the conference room, or jellybeans in all the water coolers, or even water balloon Wednesdays. It's having the opportunity to give back. So I'm auctioning off the very first bottle of Susie's Lemonade to come off the production line to raise money for a great charity started by a very brave little girl and her own lemonade stand."

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