Thursday, April 12, 2012

But you don't have to be an animated character to dream....

In the animated Disney film, Tangled, the pub thugs sing:

Though my face leaves people screaming

There's a child behind it, dreaming Like everybody else,I've got a dream

Tor would like to quit and be a florist Gunther does interior design Ulf is into mime,Attila's cupcakes are sublime Bruiser knits,Killer sews,Fang does little puppet shows And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns

Flynn: I have dreams like you,no really Just much less touchy feely They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny On an island that I own Tanned and rested and alone Surrounded by enormous piles of money

But you don't have to be an animated character to dream....

The Dollar Shave Club... has men in a lather.

The e-commerce start-up opened its doors just a few weeks ago, and has already developed a following for its quirky approach to hawking razors and blades for a $3 to $9 monthly fee.It began with a YouTube video, in which founder and Chief Executive Michael Dubin variously rides on a forklift, plays tennis, and dances with a fuzzy bear. It's already received some four million views.

Dollar Shave's motto? "Our blades are f— great."The Santa Monica, Calif., company won't disclose its number of customers, only noting that 12,000 people signed up in the first 48 hours.

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