Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Digital Rebels: The New Generation of Filmmakers & Storytellers

If your degree involved anything digital, and you missed NAB this year, you made a bad decision!

I went to the free workshop in Digital Rebels sponsored by Adobe and it was great! There’s a new breed of filmmakers who are changing the rules for film production and distribution. Defying the big, bloated movie budgets of the past, today’s digital rebels are making their films fast and with surprisingly low budgets. But make no mistake; the caliber and quality of these films is right up there with the best of the best. In this session, you’ll meet a few trailblazers from this new generation of filmmakers and hear first-hand how some of the film making upstarts are shaking things up. I spoke briefly with Gareth Edwards (shown on site with Monsters) after the workshop and asked him to (someday) visit the school. "Its frightening how easy it is to make a film. I am worried the competition will find out." Gareth Edwards, director of the upcoming Warner Brothers Godzilla

John Loiacono, Adobe Systems Incorporated <----------- Moderated and kept things moving

Gareth Edwards, "Monsters,"(***1/2 from Roger Ebert on an $800K budget) "Godzilla"(from Warner Brothers)

Tyler Nelson, The Social Network (Assistant Editor to the Academy Award winning editors of the Social Network and now a member of "The Fincher Family" of filmmakers)

Jacob Rosenberg, Bandito Brothers (Making his feature debut after 10 years of shorts and music videos)

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