Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vegas Celebrity Chef Project

The students in my Project Marketing class did an impressive job on developing a new brand for a local Vegas chef, Chef David Suppe, to position him as a Vegas Celebrity Chef!

The Team
•Alejandro Munguia - Team lead, Media Arts and Animation
•David Strong - Game Art Design
•Joseph Norte - Media Arts and Animation
•Joshua Vance - Game Art Design
•Michael Sam - Interactive Media Design
•Raymond Hearty - Game Art Design

Here are two of the animations they made for the class. The first is the proposal animatic and the second is the finished animation. The concept is great... you can see the planning. The finished animation is linked to a live action video - not my choice, I think the animation stands on its own. Enjoy!

Animatic Concept from teamthr3 on Vimeo.

Proposed Animation from teamthr3 on Vimeo.

Go to to see more.

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