Wednesday, November 11, 2009

VELOUR Vodka is an ordinal innovative product - and a marketing project!

Crafted in Las Vegas and inspired by the fruits of France and the timeless taste of The Great Russian Vodkas. Offers a unique carbonation and blend of extracts of straberry’s, peaches, and lemons that delivers an original, drinkable, glamorous Vodka.

Lucky Bug Productions by Jessi Corsa

"From a young age I was taught I could be anything I wanted to be. This belief has stayed with me through out my life. It is my hope that this will translate through in Lucky Bug Productions. I have never seen myself as just one thing nor have I been inspired by just one type of art. Therefore, I don’t see Lucky Bug as just a TV or Film company but as an Art Company designed to “Create, Innovate, and decorate!" "

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