Sunday, October 11, 2009

Extra Small NY Apartment - about 600 sq ft

The owners wanted to be closer to the Airport. They needed a doorman to take deliveries, and they wanted to be closer to their office. They wanted to have a glass box up in the sky, something very manageable and easy, like a glorified hotel room. The result doesn't feel cluttered. Furniture had to be precisely measured. The miniature side-tables were custom ordered to fit in the crevices on either side of the bed. They also purposefully chose some oversized pieces—the armoire, the horse sculpture and a large floor lamp—to add drama to the space. When you have all small-scale furniture, it starts to look like a dorm room, said the owner.

"I was surprised how small it was," says furniture designer Marsia Holzer, whom the owners tapped to custom-make lighting and other pieces, including the horse sculpture and side-tables. "I think it's interesting that they didn't have to get an enormous place to show how great they are."

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