Friday, May 22, 2009

Oakley Sunglasses at Night Art Tour

Oakley Sunglasses at Night Art Tour joined AILV on May 21 at night in front of the school. In addition to a full Oakley gallery exhibit, beats being played by Oakley's resident DJ, and free food and drink, the event featured 40 pairs of Oakley sunglasses designed by students wanting to make their mark on the Oakley brand.

A week prior to the event, participating students at the Institute were given white Oakley Hijinx and very few guidelines. Leaving no material left behind, the students showcased their artistic talents on an Oakley eyewear canvas.

Residing Judge Andrew Petterson, who last year designed 50 handcrafted Oakley Frogskins, held court over the festivities. He is a freelance artist with an Oakley connection. Though a bright and Red Bull (and something else) fueled conversation, he revealed that he had been raised in Boise, Idaho and moved to the West Coast at age 19. He makes his living in the automotive industry as a custom paint designer. He freely admits that he has no creative control over his day job, so he uses his Oakley connection to express himself. Living in Huntington Beach, he is connected into that snowboard, skateboard young guy lifestyle that inspires the Oakley brand. Although unschooled, he was inspired by both his parents who were artists and educators. Though laidback, at 28 years old, he admits to an intense commitment to his creative energies. “I live this,” he says, “but I love what I do.” Induced to share his body art, he says he worked in collaboration with the tattoo artist to blend his original designs with the artistic ability of the other artist. They hooked up though a chance meeting with a mutual friend who had a tattoo that Andrew admired. The tattoo artist needed a paint job to restore his car and Andres wanted a chest to knee tattoo and a deal was stuck. Visiting his third Art Institute, he admitted that for the first time that he was a little intimidated by the talent of the students at our school. The quality of the students work, both in the sunglass project and student work on display, impressed him.

Rett, the marketing manger from Oakley was equally excited about the school. He revealed that he like to continue our relationship. He suggested that he might be a good addition to our marketing classes. The target market for Oakley products is exactly the market that is hardest for current marketers to reach.

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It would be great if they actually paid the winner in a timely manner! Its been over 2 months since the event and i still haven't seen a dime! I almost wish i got second place so i would have left the event with more than just bragging rights... Go Oakley!